NightShadow – So Good (Digitalic Vibe Remix)

“Groove” EP is an emotional, melodic electronic pop mini album and was influenced by the modern pop scene, especially from the artist “kygo”. It is a follow up of my last year’s single “Loud (can you hear me)” which was also at the same genre/theme.

 Composing melodic songs that can make you feel something good, get goosebumps or take you to a journey of thought and memories is my main goal here.

The Ep contains 4 tracks (2 originals & 2 remixes):

1. So Good (Original)
2. So Good (Digitalic Vibe Remix)
3. So Good (Panos Sidiropoulos Remix)
4. Out of my mind (Original)

Whether you are in your car, or relaxing on your couch, listening to spotify on the train going to school or work, i’m sure this track will take you to a journey of memories. Enjoy!

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